Is Tequila Keto? How to Incorporate Tequila Into Your Diet

Are you planning on starting 2023 with a health kick? Considering keto as a smart option for your weight loss goals? If so, then you’ll know that one of the best aspects of such a diet is that you can still enjoy the occasional tipple. Any alcohol you drink must be zero carbs, however, luckily for you, tequila is one of the drinks that you can enjoy. Tequila shots and diets rarely go hand in hand, but with keto, it is a very realistic option, and here is how.

keto tequila drink accompanied by a salad

The Low Down On Keto and Alcohol

The basic principle of a ketogenic diet is the reduction of carbohydrate consumption. When you reduce your carbs to below 50g per day, the body enters into a metabolic state called ketosis. Rather than burn carbs as glucose, the body in ketosis will instead burn fat, helping you to lose weight fast. For people on keto, no carb food, and low-carb food are essential. This also extends to alcohol and it is why tequila is allowed on this diet, as it has zero carbs as one of agave’s natural benefits.

Tequila Drinks to Enjoy When On Keto

Before you start mixing up some drinks, it is important to remember that you need pure tequila and nothing that is premixed. This will help you to avoid any extra carbs or sugars. You’ll need some quality for your cocktails here, so we recommend Avión tequila. Once you have a bottle handy, here are some drinks you could shake up. Remember to replace the juice with keto alternatives like lemon, lime or natural berries, and to avoid adding sugar:

Person orders a keto drink prepred with Avión tequila before ordering a healthy dish.

Tips on Drinking Tequila When You Are Doing Keto

Now, whilst you are allowed to consume zero-carb alcohol such as tequila on your diet, there are some tips to remember. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to watch out for:

  • Keto drinks, just like keto meals, cannot feature too many carbs. The danger when making cocktails is in the mixers, which often feature sugar. Be sure that you buy zero-sugar drinks such as flavored waters and those that use alternatives to stay in ketosis.
  • The alcohol intake may not damage your diet but it can lower your resolve. There is a danger that after a couple of drinks you feel loose and decide to raid the fridge for snacks you shouldn’t have. Be sure to plan some tasty, keto-friendly snacks for when the munchies kick in.
  • Finally, as we have mentioned, avoid premixed tequila drinks in bottles or cans. Often there are high levels of sugar in these drinks, spelling danger for your ketosis.

This is exactly why so many people love the keto diet. If you are planning a healthy change in the new year yet don’t wish to give up the sauce, keto is your answer.

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