The natural benefits of Agave

Agave, the plant from which tequila is made played an important part of early Aztec culture who believed according to legend that it was sent to them as a gift from the gods. Since then it has been highly prized for its many natural benefits as a source of food, clothing and shelter. But on top of that his amazingly versatile plant is also said to have quite a considerable number of potential health benefits.

Improves immune function

As we are being reminded more and more these days a strong immune system is vital to our heath. It’s been found that the syrup released from a roasted agave contains important nutrients that can have an antioxidant effect when consumed which may protect against the free radicals connected with cancer and other diseases.

Aids Digestive health

Agave contains fructans which possess various healthy properties including a prebiotic effect which aids in the production of gastrointestinal microflora or in simpler terms, make for a healthy gut bacteria which means of course a healthy digestive system. And we all want that right!

Improve bone density

These same fructans or agavins have also been linked in some studies to assist in the bodies absorption of calcium and as such may help in the prevention of bone loss and to aid in bone formation. Definitely a bonus!

Low Glycemic Index

It’s also thought that agavins may help reduce blood sugar levels and improve insulin levels, which in turn regulate blood sugar levels. Because agavins are type of fibre they are not metabolised by the body the same way sugars are so they are not absorbed into the bloodstream to raise blood sugar which is good news for diabetics and those wanting to reduce sugar intake. Oh and the icing on the cake it’s gluten free and low allergy!
So remember, next time your enjoying an Avión tequila your probably doing yourself the world of good!

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