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Avion Agave Field

Our process

Surrounded by bold spirits and opportunity, we’re using our creativity to uplift, connect, and impact the world around us. “It’s Different Up Here” is our way of promising that in every small-batched, slow roasted sip of Avión, you’ll enjoy far more than just a smooth taste of tequila- you’ll create an experience to remember.

The creation of Avion begins in Jesús María, highlands of Jalisco, where the characteristically sweet roasted agave flavor is preserved in every sip. Avion is slow roasted over three days in traditional brick ovens to ensure the agave is caramelized to perfection and then distilled in small batches to ensure a smooth sipping tequila.The result is a smooth taste and aroma, perfect for sipping on the rocks or in a cocktail.

  • 1

    Harvested by hand

  • 2

    Slow roasting

  • 3

    Small batch distillation

  • 4

    Ultra-slow filtration

  • 5

    Aging in whiskey barrels

Fly higher, see further

But what really makes Avion stand out is its commitment to elevating the view of everyone who drinks it. Avion believes that everyone has the right to fly higher and see further, so why choose just to own the spotlight?

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