Tequila and Food Pairings

The history of tequila goes back many centuries only in recent times that the culinary world has begun to awaken to its possibilities with kitchens everywhere discovering new and exciting ways to pair tequila spirits with food as once was more traditionally done with wine.

A tequila like Tequila Avión is the perfect partner in your gourmet adventures. The magic all happens in Jesus Maria, a small town in the highlands of Jalisco Mexico. Using only 100% blue weber agave, harvested by hand and slow baked in brick ovens, with an artisanal style distillation process overseen by Maestro Tequilero Alejandro Lopez, a fifth generation agave grower, results in a luxury tequila that you’ll enjoy to the very last drop.

Avión tequila añejo on the rocks paired with food

Tequila Avión Silver with blue agave notes and its citric finish is the ideal accompaniment to the more picante dishes in Mexican cuisine. By extension, there’s no reason not to enjoy Avión Silver with a spicy Thai red curry or perhaps an Indian Vindaloo Chicken. Due to its bright, earthy finish It also pairs exceptionally well with shellfish and fish dishes.

With hints of blue agave combined with notes of oak and vanilla, Avión Reposado makes a bold statement and one that can compliment dishes like pulled pork, wild game and just about any meat from the grill. For the more adventurous, slightly more offbeat pairings may appeal like grilled bone marrow served with a reposado where the opposing taste sensations perfectly balance one another. Alternatively, an Avión Reposado sipped with an aged gouda adds that extra something special to those quiet moments we all treasure so much.

Aged for 3 years Avión Reserva 44 has a rich flavour profile of caramel and vanilla with mild oak finish American oak that goes so well with all things dulce. In fact, añejos are often regarded as “dessert tequilas” by connoisseurs of the blue agave spirit as they pair well with those sweet temptations at the end of a meal. For a simple digestif or perhaps a nightcap, why not try a Reserva 44 with an intense bitter dark chocolate? It’s an exquisite combination.

tacos with lime pairing with tequila

On the other side of the table the culinary possibilities of tequila are endless. Avión Silver with lime makes a mouthwatering marinade for whole snapper fish and an Avión Anejo in a BBQ marinade really helps bring out the flavours of the meat. For desserts, try Avión Reserva 44 extra añejo next time you’re making a chocolate mousse or serving poaching nectarines or pears.

So experiment, mix and match and if it tastes good to you, then that’s all that matters. Let your imagination take you on a journey.

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