Tequila Elevado a un Arte

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Single Origin Tequila

The Avión story begins in the small town of Jesus Maria, Mexico—a town and culture the Lopez family has cherished for generations. Here, single origin, rare blue agave is grown at the highest elevations taking 7-10 years to reach maturity.

The process

Together in collaboration, Ken Austin and the Lopez family spent years blending old-school tequila making techniques with a philosophy of never cutting corners. Every step of the process works to preserve the natural, rich, roasted flavors of the Avión Agave.

Harvested By Hand

Only the finest single source agave is handpicked when ripe, harvested by the family’s team of jimadores.

Slow Roasting

Avión Agave is slow roasted in brick ovens for three days. The low temperatures perfectly caramelize the agave, bringing out the natural sweetness and rich flavors.

Small Batch Distillation

Avion is distilled in small pot stills handmade in Jesus Maria. Avión uses up to 30% more agave in each bottle of tequila, making us one of the most inefficient tequila producers.

Ultra-Slow Filtration

After distillation, Avión undergoes our proprietary ultra-slow filtration, that takes up to ten times longer.

Aging In Whiskey Barrels

Avión Reposado spends six months in former American whiskey barrels, which is 3x longer than most. Avión Añejo is aged in former whiskey barrels for two years, 2x longer than most.

Voted world's best tasting Tequila

This is Avión, which bartenders, consumers and experts describe as, quite simply, delicious. Avión was crowned “World’s Best Tasting Tequila” and “World’s Best Unaged White Spirit” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (the most prestigious competition for the spirits industry). Ranking #1 against all tequilas, vodkas, gins and white rums. Over 1,400 spirit brands entered the competition.