The 600 aromas of tequila

Did you know there are 600 distinct flavours and aromas in tequila all of which are the direct result of the type of agave and the distillation process? Once you know the story behind the tequila you’re drinking it adds a whole new dimension to your enjoyment of the spirit.

It begins with the agave itself, which in the case of Tequila Avión is 100% blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco where the red clay forces the roots deep into the soil resulting in a fruitier, sweeter agave with a more intense aroma. Harvested at between 8-10 years when the Pina or core of the agave is at its highest “brix” level and contains the most sugar content. The agave is then roasted at very low temperatures in brick ovens for a full 3 days gently caramelizing the fiber and releasing all its natural sweetness.

The use of deep well water in the fermentation process combined with Avión’s proprietary ultra-slow filtration method further adds to the making of the world’s smoothest tequila.

tequila agave

Here’s a step by step tasting guide to help you fully appreciate all the aromas and flavours that go into making a luxury tequila.

– Take a tulip shaped glass or a brandy snifter and serve yourself a ½ ounce pour.

– Very very gently swirl the tequila around the glass a few times, not too much though. Notice that when you stop the droplets flow back down the glass. These are called the “legs” or “tears”of the tequila. The longer they take them to fall back down to the bottom of the glass, the more body the tequila has. The inside of the glass therefore can be said to replicate in some way the inside of your mouth.

– Once again tilt the glass on an angle and as before very gently swirl the tequila around a couple of times.

– Raise the glass to your nose and take note of the aromas emanating from the top, then put your nose in a little further and take in the heavier notes further towards the bottom.

– Take your first sip and before you swallow, let the tequila gently coat your mouth for a brief second or two.Purse your lips and with a slow breath take a second sip and allow the taste of the raw agave to come through.

– Now as the liquid goes down take note of the flavours and textures that most stand out to you.

Congratulations you’re on your way to becoming a tequila expert! So next time you’re asked to a tequila tasting it won’t feel so daunting.

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