Tequila: The new gentleman’s drink

Marilyn Monroe once famously stated “Gentlemen prefer tequila”. Well actually no she didn’t, but if she’d tried Avión Tequila she just very well might have! Because Marilyn knew what made men attractive!
What best defines a gentleman? Let’s just say it’s how he conducts himself in the world as every day he strives to be the best version of himself that he possibly can be. He is quietly confident with a respect for himself and those around him which is reflected in his personal sense of style. This is not to be confused with the somewhat outdated concept of a “real man”.

gentleman drinking paloma with tequila avion

The modern gentleman knows that at the end of the day everything he does in this life reflects back upon him. His very presence inspires and motivates others to shine. So best foot forward gents!
How he dresses, the collection of colognes he chooses to wear, where he prefers to dine and of course, what he prefers to drink. A gentleman’s drink should be an extension of himself, refined, sophisticated, a drink that shows he knows the value of substance over hype.

Take the Clear Martini, shaken not stirred, of course, as a certain James Bond is said to have preferred them. Made with Avión’s Reserva Cristalino, this is an understated yet stylish cocktail that shows that you know that in life less truly is more. Because you’re a classy man who knows quality is always going to win over quantity.

Or perhaps an Avión Manhattan speaks more to your style. Start with Avión Reserva 44, add some Sweet Vermouth and a dash of chocolate bitters and you have the perfect aperitif to serve before an intimate dinner with that special someone.

Then of course there’s the Elevated Margarita, a variation on the timeless Mexican classic made on a base of Avión Silver, with a dash of lime juice and a splash of agave nectar. So simple yet so effortlessly elegant.

Remember gentlemen, success should be defined on your own terms not shaped by the noise and hype around you. So follow the internal metronome, your innate sense of style, because you know what sets you apart from the crowd and so does Avión Tequila.

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