Tequila Silver, Cristalino, Reposado, or Reserva 44, which suits you best?

Everyone has their own unique personality and there’s a different type of tequila to match each one of us.
Which Avión tequila are you, you may wonder? Are you Silver, are you Reposado or perhaps Reserva Cristalino or maybe you’re more an Extra Añejo Reserva 44? Let’s take a walk through the Avión range and find out.

Avión Silver

Avión Tequila Silver bottle

Sweet, crisp, silky with hints of grapefruit and a gentle peppery finish, Avión Silver is the keystone of the Avión range.
Neat, over ice or as a base for a classic margarita cocktail this tequila is for those who want the authentic taste of the agave to shine through. The Avión Silver aficionado appreciates honesty and integrity, because it’s the foundation on which good friendships are made… and kept too.

PERSONALITY TYPE: Simply authentIc, loyal, strong

Avión Reposado

Avión Tequila Reposado bottle

For something a little more considered, Avión Reposado, Silver’s slightly older sibling may be more who you are. Reposado means rested in Spanish and Avión Reposado does exactly that for 6 months in used American Whiskey barrels resulting in a tequila with a rich amber colour that has taken on the subtleties of wood, yet still retains some of the brightness of the agave. Decidedly different yet strangely familiar at the same time, its for those who like to explore yet not stray too far from home.

PERSONALITY TYPE: For those who like to expand their horizons

Extra Añejo

Avión Tequila Extra Añejo Reserva 44 bottle

Extra Anéjo too is barrel aged but in this case for at least 3 years with an added month in even smaller barrels that are turned by hand daily thus allowing the tequila to fully absorb the flavour of the oak. A complex infusion of ripe, luscious fruits and American oak. It’s definitely the older sibling of the Avión family and it has wisdom to impart. Wisdom which can only be imparted slowly so this one is meant to be sipped. For those who like to take their time enjoying the finer things of life. And of course as we all know, knowledge is meant to be shared.

PERSONALITY TYPE: For those who think good things just do take time

Reserva Cristalino

Avión Tequila Reserva Cristalino bottle

Añejo Reserva Cristalino a crystal-clear aged tequila, is the perfect blend of Añejo and Extra Añejo. After being left to age for 12 months a meticulous double charcoal filtration process removes the aged colour thus truly enhancing this tequilas exquisite fruity and floral character. So if you are someone who appreciates the best of both worlds — the smoothness of an aged tequila and the agave essence of a Silver all in a single package then Reserva Cristalino is you. Because you know that sometimes when tradition and innovation walk hand in hand beautiful things can happen

PERSONALITY TYPE: One who respects tradition whilst embracing the new

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