Tequila “Spirits” And The Craft Behind Blue Agave Top-Class Tequilas

How much do you really know about high-class tequilas? We aren’t talking about the tequilas that you shoot in bars here. But rather the top-level tequila products. The production of the finest blue agave tequila is what we’re talking about today. The Blue Agave plant is predominantly found in Tequila, Jalisco. The complexity in flavor of great tequila comes from attention to detail, great ingredients, and most importantly, generations of experience. All good tequilas feature ‘spirits’ and craftsmanship, and this is what goes into every bottle.

Where it Begins: Blue Agave

The Blue Agave plant is predominantly found in Tequila, Jalisco. Harvesting this iconic Mexican plant is the first step in creating each batch of tequila. The Blue Weber strain of Agave is the most favored in tequila production. Here in Jalisco, the nutrient-rich and volcanic soil makes for the finest tequila ingredients.

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Harvesting By Hand

With Blue Weber agave being the most important and prized of tequila ingredients, tequila producers opt to harvest it by hand. This technique ensures that only the best plants are selected. Additionally, when the plants are chopped down by hand, there is far less wastage. Jimadores will cut away the leaves and take away the juicy heart of the plant.

Small Batch Production

Small-batch production ensures delivery of the very finest tequila. This approach ensures absolute quality control and meticulous flavor production when creating a premium tequila taste. Moreover, all of the world’s best tequilas are produced in this way. Jimadores who have generations of experience know that small-batch is the best approach to delivering the finest tequila.

Slow Cooked And Cared For

The deep and complex flavors of tequila do not solely come from the blue agave plant. They also come from production. The first step once the finest agave has been picked is to slow-cook the hearts to release the juices. This leads to a higher concentration of flavors and also creates that smokiness you taste when drinking tequila. The plants are cooked very slowly for 3 days. Because of this, every drop of juice comes out of the plant.

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The Power of Water

The water used in Jalisco’s tequila production is from the natural springs of the Tequila Volcano. The water produced here gathers rich nutrients and minerals from the volcanic soil through which it flows. This water is essential in the production of high-class agave tequila. Additionally, the naturally occurring minerals of this spring water have a profound impact on the flavor of each bottle.

Aged To Flavor Perfection

Tequila’s ‘spirits’ really come to life during the aging process. Tequila producers will use different types of barrels in which to age the tequila. The flavors from the barrels come from the type of wood and also the remnants of what was stored there previously. The tequila-filled barrels will remain in temperature-controlled rooms for months or even years in the case of Añejo.

The Final Product

Each of the steps described here plays a part in delivering the highest-quality flavors possible in every bottle of tequila. Finally, the keys to delivering a top-class product are combining the finest ingredients with generational knowledge and a passion for perfection.

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