The craftsmanship and care behind making a great tequila

Emily Dickinson once wrote, “If you take care of the small things then the big things will take care of themselves”. At Tequila Avión they’ve taken this to heart, making sure to pay careful attention to detail at every step of the way, from field to table.

The journey begins in the town of Jesus Maria, 7000 ft above sea level in the heart of the highlands of Jalisco. Here the iron and mineral rich clay soil combined with extreme temperatures mean that the Blue Weber agave grown here is fruitier and higher in natural sugars than those grown down in the valley areas.

At between 8-10 years the agave has reached maximum “brix” or sugar level and is ready to be harvested by hand. When the agave pinas arrive at Tequila Avión they are loaded into gas fired brick ovens and roasted at very low temperatures for a full 3 days to ensure that each pina is cooked evenly and gently and all the natural sweetness is released.

blue agave pineapple stacked before being used to prepare tequila

Following fermentation is the distillation process over which maestro tequilero Alejandro Lopez keeps a watchful eye, utilizing the accumulated knowledge of five generations of agave growers. To ensure the purest tequila, the spirit is twice distilled in small copper pot stills fashioned by hand in the town of Jesus Maria itself. As part of Avión’s meticulous attention to detail the “tops and tails” the first and last batches that come off the still are discarded, thus ensuring that only the finest quality tequila reaches the bottle.

The next step is something Tequila Avión prides itself on, their proprietary ultra-slow filtration system. Taking ten times longer than other tequila brands, this process removes what’s known as “tequila burn” resulting in a singularly smooth spirit. For the final touch, every bottle of Avión is hand-filled and individually penned with the batch number and a unique bottle code.

In the history of Tequila there have been but a few outstanding tequilas and Tequila Avión is one of them.

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