How to survive to your first Tequila tour

Would you like to learn more about tequila? Where does it come from, and how do Jimadores produce it? If so then a tour in Mexico is the perfect option for you. During a tour, you will learn how to taste a tequila sample to identify flavors. Additionally, you’ll find out how they make the spirit and even a little about the drink’s long heritage. So what is a tequila tour? More importantly, how can you make the most of it? Let’s take a look.

Basics of The Tour

Tours aim to be educational but also to deliver a fun experience. After all, how can you not have fun sipping tequila all day? Jalisco tequila tours are the most famous, as this is the birthplace of the Mexican spirit. Within the state, you have many tours to choose from, such as the famous tequila train experience. Tours will take you to many production factories, agave fields and villages where workers live.

Tequila tour los Jalisco

Selecting the Best Tour

Picking the right tour for you is essential to getting the most from it. Tequila tours vary in length, an important factor to consider depending on your time. Tour quality is another important aspect to think about. Be sure to research online to find a high-quality tour with knowledgeable guides. Finally pay attention to cost, as tour prices can be wildly different. Once Tequila Avion even offered a VIP $500,000 tour including a private jet. That tour is no longer available, but it is an extreme example of these varying prices.

Getting The Most From A Tequila Tour

Your aim for the tour should be to have the most fun possible and come away a little more informed than before. To do this, prep work is essential. Ensure that you have had a hearty breakfast before you take the tour. You will be taking a good amount of tequila on board throughout the day. A full stomach helps to prevent the tequila from getting the better of you. A little research goes a long way and will arm you with questions to ask your guide. Be open-minded and engage with the rest of the tour group — the tequila should help you there!

Fuel up before you go, ask lots of questions, take notes on how to taste a tequila product and definitely have fun!

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