Blind Tequila Tasting; The Do’s and Don’ts

Have you ever wondered what does tequila taste like? How to identify flavors? How can you learn the ropes of savoring this complex drink? If so then a tequila tasting experience is most certainly for you. Should you take on a blind tasting experience, this is how to !!!!!! the adventure.

Don’t Forget The Appearance

Sampling tequila is about more than just the mouth, your eyes and nose are equally important. First, look at the color of the tequila you are about to taste. Different tequilas offer different colors, and within each style of tequila there are tones and hues to identify. Tequilas like reposado, gold and añejo offer a darker appearance with tones ranging from amber to deep brown, whereas silver will be crystal clear.

Do Use Your Nose

The next step is to savor the aroma. Darker tequilas are aged longer than silver, so you’ll need to use your nose to pick out strength and flavor complexities. Tilt the glass towards you and take a deep sniff with your eyes closed. Try to smell from deeper inside the glass and move it away from you, to pick up each note from bottom to top. The bottom offers robust flavors whereas the higher parts of the glass is where you’ll find lighter notes like citrus or floral tones.

Don’t Overthink

Before tasting, consider what you have detected in the drink so far. Some second guess themselves here, but the trick is to trust your instincts. The best tasting tequila is often the one which gives you the most positive first impression. Because this is a new experience, some will look to overcomplicate things and second guess their first instincts. Trust your palate and don’t overthink.

Do Inhale and Exhale

When people learn how to taste tequila, they often fail to remember to inhale before they drink. Doing this will help you to detect the full complexities of the drink. Once you have swallowed the tequila over the tongue, exhale sharply as this really gets the taste buds going. Sip as many times as you like until you have identified the flavor profile, then make notes.
Remember to cleanse the palate with water between sips. This is how to get the absolute most from a tequila taste experience.

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