Avión Tequila Extra Añejo New Fashioned

tequila avion new fashioned cocktail

Are you looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite tequila? Look no further than the New Fashioned Tequila Cocktail. This twist on the classic Old Fashioned is made with Avión Reserva 44, an extra añejo tequila that adds depth and complexity to this already delicious drink. Here, we’ll dive into the history of the New Fashioned Tequila Cocktail, how to make it at home, and even explore some exciting variations on this cocktail. So grab your shaker and get ready for a taste sensation with a great tequila.

New Fashioned Tequila Cocktail recipe


  • 2 oz. Avión Reserva 44
  • 1 BAR SPOON Agave Syrup (light/runny syrup)
  • 1 DASH Angostura Bitter
  • 1 DASH Spicy Bitter
  • Orange peel for garnish
  • Ice.


  1. In an Old Fashioned glass or wide-mouthed tumbler, add the simple syrup and bitters to the bottom.
  2. Stir until well combined.
  3. Add ice to fill about three-fourths of the glass.
  4. Pour in your Avión Reserva 44 on top of the ice.
  5. Stir gently to combine all ingredients together before adding more ice if needed.
  6. Garnish with an orange peel by twisting it over the drink to release its oils before dropping it into the glass.

Now sit back and enjoy sipping on this perfectly crafted cocktail made from top-quality Extra Añejo tequila!

New fashioned drink extra añejo garnish with orange peel prepared with Avión Reserva 44

New Fashioned vs Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned has been a classic cocktail for over a century, but lately, its newer cousin, the New Fashioned, is making waves in the cocktail world. While both are delicious drinks, there are some key differences that set them apart.

The traditional Old Fashioned includes whiskey, bitters, and simple syrup. The New Old Fashioned adds a liqueur or liqueur such as cognac, brandy, amaro, or tequila. The liquor or distillate adds a unique flavor profile to the cocktail, making it more complex and interesting.

Tequila is a popular choice for the New Old Fashioned. It adds a smoky, earthy flavor to the cocktail that pairs well with bitters and syrup. This Mexican spirit also provides an excellent base which together with the simple syrup, hints of bitters, and orange zest create a great taste to share with your guests.

Whether you prefer your liquor aged in barrels or distilled from agave plants; you can’t go wrong with either an Old-Fashioned or New-Fashioned cocktail, depending on what suits your preference!

History of New Fashioned Tequila Cocktail

The New Fashioned Tequila Cocktail is a modern take on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail, which dates back to the 1800s. The original Old Fashioned recipe calls for whiskey, sugar, bitters, and water, but bartenders all over the world have been experimenting with different spirits and ingredients to put their own twist on this timeless drink.

It wasn’t until recently that tequila was considered an alternative base spirit for the Old Fashioned. Avión Reserva 44 – has helped elevate this variation of the cocktail to new heights.

reserva 44 extra anejo new fashioned cocktail

The creation of the New Fashioned Tequila Cocktail can be attributed to mixologists searching for ways to showcase tequila’s versatility in cocktails beyond margarita cocktails or shots. By combining tequila with orange bitters and agave nectar instead of simple syrup, they’ve created a unique balance of sweet and bitter flavors.

Since its inception, other variations of the New Fashioned have emerged using different types of tequilas or adding unexpected ingredients like grapefruit juice or jalapeño peppers. This evolution speaks not only to bartenders’ creativity but also consumers’ growing appreciation for innovative cocktails.

Other New Fashioned cocktail Variations

With the rise in popularity of tequila mixed drinks, it’s no wonder that the New Fashioned Tequila Cocktail has become a fan favorite. This delicious cocktail offers a unique twist on the classic Old Fashioned, with tequila spirit providing an extra layer of depth and complexity.

But don’t stop at just one variation! There are countless ways to switch up this cocktail and make it your own. Some popular variations include using different types of bitters or sweeteners, like agave nectar or honey. You could also try swapping out the orange peel for grapefruit or lemon for a fresh twist.

No matter how you choose to mix up your New Fashioned Tequila Cocktail, be sure to start with high-quality ingredients like Avión Reserva 44 extra añejo tequila. With its smooth finish and rich flavor profile, it’s the perfect base for any tequila-based cocktail.

So next time you’re in need of a refreshing drink with a bit of kick, give the New Fashioned tequila cocktail a try. Whether you stick to the classic recipe or experiment with your own unique spin, this is one cocktail that’s sure to impress. Cheers!

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Whether you choose to stick with the classic recipe or experiment with your own variations, the New Fashioned Tequila Cocktail is sure to be a hit with your guests. With its smooth finish, rich flavor profile and endless possibilities, Avión Tequila is the perfect choice to make a delicious and unique New Fashioned Tequila Cocktail.