The Legend Behind Drinking Tequila With Salt And Lime

Have you ever considered why we mix tequila shots with salt and lime? Or indeed whether or not this is the ‘right’ way to sample this Mexican spirit? Many tequila legends and traditions are still followed in the modern age, and salt and lime are perfect examples. Let’s take a look at how this began, and why we still drink tequila in this way.

Origins of Using Salt and Lime

We’ve all been inside the club when the shots come around. A quick lick of salt, a smooth slammer, and then a bite down on the lime to finish – perfection. We use this as a ritual to add some theater to our drinking, and to boost flavor. These additions, however, once had a more practical use. Tequila used to be very potent, and quite nasty on the taste buds. Salt and lime would be added to the drink to take the edge off these robust flavors.

two tequila shot salt and lime

Continued The Use of Condiments

What is fascinating about the evolution of tequila drinking is that whilst it has evolved regarding the wild range of flavors in cocktails, salt and lime still reign supreme. Even in the early days of tequila traditions, it is clear that they understood the assignment when maximizing tequila’s flavor profile. These days, salt and lime are added to enhance the flavor of the drink. Back in those days, it was very much used to mask the flavor and make tequila palatable. Tequila was not always the delicious spirit you know and love and today.

Smoother Options

When you take a shooter, there is nothing wrong at all with adding lime and salt to the experience. However, there are many tequilas on the market that will not scorch your tastebuds, providing a much smoother experience. This often means salt and lime aren’t required. If you want a tasty yet polished tequila Olmeca is a great option for you. This tequila is ideal for shooters and cocktails, and will still taste great with the iconic flavors of salt and lime.
Next time that you take a lick, sip, and bite, remember that you are joining in a rich tradition of tequila drinking.

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