Streetwear, Fashion and Tequila

There is no doubt that tequila has heavily impacted culture as we know it, from drinking movies to rap songs— not to mention its place within the fashion world. Streetwear king Virgil Abloh even created a tequila-themed t-shirt for Off White. Tequila has become fashionable to drink, to wear and to include in movies and TV. If you love tequila you can now find movie drinking games which include the spirit, t-shirts which rep your favorite brands and songs which talk about it. Let’s look deeper into the cultural impact of the popular Mexican drink.

Endorsements from The Streets

Licor has long held a firm place in hip-hop culture, with tequila heavily involved in that. In fact we have seen rappers like Jeezy look to promote this drink, through his past investment with Avión Tequila. Songs from artists like Kid Cudi, Cypress Hill and Dave have mentioned the spirit too. A jump to streetwear was always likely given its presence in the culture. In fact some of the biggest streetwear brands like Fashion Nova and Stüssy regularly emblazon garments with tequila-themes.

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Tequila and Celeb Fashion

Tequila is commonly featured in many movies and TV shows. We have also seen trends where viewers shoot tequila whilst watching drinking game movies like Machete and Nacho Libre. In 2010 the actors in Entourage were actually involved in a plot line involving the aforementioned Avión Tequila, such is the reach of this spirit. Tequila has become very fashionable in recent years and at least 15 actors and celebs promote their own brands.

Range of Tequila’s Impact

Tequila really cannot be pigeon-holed, something we can clearly see from the range of ways it impacts the culture. From suave celebs in smart clothes promoting luxury tequila, to raw rappers rocking tequila-themed streetwear and doing shooters in the club.

The adroitness of this spirit lends itself perfectly to all corners of fashion and culture on the whole, a fact unlikely to change any time soon.

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