Men’s Fashion & Tequila Tips | Ultimate Summer Style Guide

For any discerning gentleman, a vacation provides a rare opportunity to showcase a different side of their wardrobe. You can leave those tailored suits and cufflinks behind when heading away for a summer adventure. Instead, take the opportunity to use some thinner fabrics, bolder colors, and sophisticated vacation evening wear. Combine a luxury destination with sartorial elegance and the ideal Avión tequila cocktail for the occasion, and you will have a trip ahead of you that will be truly memorable.
Whether it is a journey filled with adventures or seeing you sipping a cool tequila drink at a swim-up bar in paradise, there is a world of fashion options for the modern gent.

Vacation Essentials for All Modern Men

For any luxury vacation, there are some suitcase essentials that every modern man should remember. Getting the basics covered first ensures you are ready to look great, no matter the situation.

Agave-Inspired Linen Shirts

To celebrate your love of tequila on this trip, why not wear lightweight linen shirts in tones associated with the agave plant? Crisp whites, soft beiges, and earthy tones keep you cool under the sun and add a nice touch of themed elegance.

Tailored Shorts

Strike the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication with tailored shorts that land just above the know. It is best to go for neutral shades like sand or olive for your trip. These colors allow you to seamlessly transition from day to night with just a couple of accessory changes. Additionally, these colors form the ideal foundation for adding brighter colors up top, much like the tequila to colorful mixers in your favorite tequila cocktail.

Versatile Swim Shorts

Make a splash in style with swim shorts, perfect for beachside lounging and waterfront cocktails. Look for quick-drying, bright-colored fabrics for comfort and style under the scorching sun.

Relaxing beachside in style, seated and wearing a trendy swimwear outfit that captures the laid-back luxury.

Lightweight Blazers

A lightweight blazer can be your best friend when the temperature drops in the evening or the golf course becomes breezy. Linen or cotton-blend blazers in neutral tones can effortlessly elevate your outfit and keep you warm.

Stylish Sunglasses

Including a couple of pairs of shades in your suitcase will help protect your eyes and perfectly round off your outfit. Most gents in colder climates don’t have a reason to wear sunglasses, so make the most of this opportunity. It is essential to sample many pairs before you buy, ensuring that they fit both your look and the shape of your face.

Cool and Comfortable During The Daytime

Heading towards the sunshine for a break means that modern men need to get creative with their fashion choices. Be it a beach break or a journey to the heart of tequila in Jalisco, you’ll want comfort and cool to feature just as prominently as style.
Linen and bamboo textiles are fantastic for those wanting to combine chic with comfort. Because of their lightweight and breathable nature, these fabrics are simple to pack and will look fantastic in any vacation setting.
A collarless shirt with fitted shorts, slip-on shoes, or leather sandals is an excellent daywear option. For the ultimate vacation look, accessorize with sleek sunglasses and a beaded necklace.

Group of friends dressed fashionably on a summer day in Mexico

Day Time Cocktail Ideas

Sipping on Avión cocktails during the day can certainly help you relax in your surroundings, yet it is important to keep it light; here is our top choice to deliver just that.

Watermelon Margarita

This delicious watermelon and tequila mixture is the most refreshing cocktail. Fresh watermelon slices, lime juice, tequila silver, and agave syrup ensure a fresh, light, and delicious drink.

Master of the Beach

Those gentlemen looking to hit the beach will be pleased to know that stripping down doesn’t mean surrendering style. En route to the beach, consider a breathable polo shirt paired with versatile swim shorts featuring vibrant patterns to stand out from the crowd.
Complete your beach look with funky flip-flops or classy espadrilles to easily switch from sunbathing to seaside strolls. Don’t forget to accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat and a lightweight linen beach towel to sunbathe in comfort.

Beachside Tequila Slow-Sippers

No relaxing beach trip is complete without a fruity refreshment to enjoy, perhaps even with a hint of tequila.

Avión Batida de Coco

Coconuts by the beach are the perfect holiday snack, but why not twist it up a little with this beautiful cocktail? Reposado tequila shaken up with coconut, milk, lime juice, syrup, and Cachaca delivers the most incredible cocktail to cool down the sun-worshipping gentleman.

Hitting 18 In Style

Men’s summer fashion isn’t just about the beach and the bar; we must also consider your golf course chic. Regardless of how good your game is, at least ensure that golf course attire is on par. Begin with a dry-fit polo shirt and pair it with tailored golf shorts with breathable fabrics. Avoid bold colors here; after all, bright cocktails are for the pool and beach! Instead, go for clean, simple tones that ooze ease and sophistication, just as your golf swing should.
Accessorize with a classic golf visor to shield your eyes, adding a touch of sporty chic to your look. Don’t forget a lightweight blazer for those early morning or late evening tee-offs.

Golf Course Tequila Options

Finishing up a round with friends demands a post-course beverage, one that helps you relax after a long 18-hole. It is also important to pick a drink that offers a sense of class in such surroundings, and we have just the drink for you.

Enjoying a round of golf in style on a sunny day, embodying the essence of summer fashion for the tequila-loving traveler

Tequila Old Fashioned

When whiskey is substituted for tequila, the Old Fashioned takes on an entirely new flavor profile, which is ideal for this occasion. The glass, the bitters, the single ice rock, and a fine tequila like the Extra Añejo 44 deliver an outstanding post-golf cocktail.

Bringing The Evening To Life

Vacations are not only about daytime fun but also the evening when your fashion choices will shine. Whether you’re hitting a tequila-tasting event or savoring a nightcap at a rooftop bar, this is your chance to look impeccable.
Swap out that linen shirt for something more tailored for maximum class. Here, you can utilize some more exciting colors, using soft pink and warm yellow to show off your tan and give that tropical feel. This outfit offers the perfect casual/formal balance when paired with chinos.
Accessorize with a statement watch and leather loafers to add a touch of luxury to your look. Enjoying the right tequila drink is also important for your look here. After all, a sophisticated, tailored look wouldn’t quite suit a shot glass in your hand, so order accordingly.

Evening Tequila Choices

The ideal evening drinking offering is refined, high-quality, and looks every bit as stylish as you do in your outfit.

Blind Old Fashioned

Few drinks look as inviting or classy as Avión’s Blind Old Fashioned. This cocktail includes the outstanding Avión Reserva Cristalino, combined with flavorsome orange bitters and a touch of agave syrup. When served in a rock glass, this delicious tequila cocktail will complement your stylish fashion choices, and the taste is every bit as exceptional.

Sipping Through Summer

Your summer vacation should be about embracing each day, relaxing, and stepping out from your regular routine. The rules go out the window, and because there is no pressure, experiencing a variety of Avión cocktails is more than allowed. Be it slow sippers during the day, something fruity on the beach, or a nightcap on the rocks. You should be as discerning about your outfits as you are about your tequila to ensure a summer vacation where you ooze style.

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