How is Extra Añejo Tequila good for you?

What sets an extra añejo tequila apart from other tequilas is the minimum of 3 years that is spent ageing in oak barrels, typically of American or French origin. This time to “reposar” allows the spirit mature and to take on the subtleties of the wood, thus resulting in a fuller, slightly more complex finish, yet one that still retains the natural flavour of the agave.

Agave, the key ingredient in tequila, is an amazingly versatile plant. For centuries it has been highly valued in Mexican culture for its considerable health benefits. It’s rich in agavins, a type of fibre not able to be metabolised by the body and therefore doesn’t raise the body’s blood’s glucose levels in the same way cane sugars used in other types of spirits do. This of course means that tequila, as well containing no carbohydrates, also has fewer calories than most other alcoholic beverages.

Improves immune function

Another benefit of agave is the fact that the agave itself contains antioxidants many of which are thought to boost the body’s natural immune defences.

It’s been found that the syrup released from the roasted agave, such as occurs in the first step of the production of Avión Tequila, contains many important nutrients that when consumed can have an antioxidant effect which may in turn protect against the free radicals connected with cancer and other diseases.

Reduces pain and inflammation

Mexican traditional medicine has been using agave as an anti-inflammatory for centuries. The saponin compounds found in agave are thought to contain anti-inflammatory properties which may potentially reduce pain associated with inflammation.

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Aids Digestive health

The importance of healthy gut flora cannot be understated. The gut is home to the enteric nervous system (ENS), otherwise known as the body’s “second brain”.

So to keep this “second mind” in a healthy state it’s important that prebiotics are present and as it happens, agave contains fructans which appear to actually have a prebiotic effect. And as they say healthy mind, healthy body!

So next time you’re relaxing and sipping an Avion Reserva 44 extra añejo tequila, pause and take a moment to consider the humble agave and how it may contribute to the health benefits of tequila.

Those who enjoy an extra añejo know there can be no compromise. Salud to that!

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