Gold Vs. Silver Tequila: Myths and Realities, Which One is Better?

Do you have a tequila preference? Are you someone who enjoys the crisp and clean silver tequila or something a bit mellow and slightly sweeter like gold tequila? Perhaps you’re unsure, so let us help. In the gold vs silver tequila debate, everyone will have their own opinion about the best; some are happy with both. If you wish to find the best tequila, we say try both over rocks to help you decide. There are some myths around these tequilas, so let’s take a look at what each is and separate tequila facts from fiction.

Agave plant used to prepare Gold and Silver Avión tequila

What Is Gold Tequila?

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that tequila gold had been aged, but this isn’t always true. Some gold tequilas have been barrel-aged, yet for the most part, coloring or caramel is added. This gives the drink a brown hue and quite a smooth taste. Gold tequila is almost always less than 100% agave, with additives used in the rest of the mix.

How to Enjoy Gold Tequila

Despite not offering 100% agave, you can still make some tasty tequila drinks using gold tequila. Many like drinking shots of tequila gold, and it is also a great base for a Margarita.

What Is Silver Tequila?

Tequila silver products are bottled as soon as it has been produced. The result is a clear spirit with the appearance of gin or vodka. Unlike gold tequila, there are more silver products out there with 100% agave, although some are mixed. Within this category are some high-level tequilas, such as the award-winning silver Avión tequila. This tequila offers a deeper, richer agave flavor with zesty tones of lemon and pineapple. Fruit flavors like citrus are common with premium silver tequila.

How Best to Enjoy Silver Tequila

When drinking a premium silver tequila, drinking it on the rocks or in Manhattan are acceptable ways to enjoy its quality. We recommend that if the silver tequila has a lower percentage of agave, add it into a cocktail such as a Paloma.

Glass with Gold Tequila Avión drink

Some Tequila Myths

There are myths surrounding many spirits, which is also true.

Myth #1 – Tequila is Distilled From Cactus
The myth that a tequila drink is produced by distilling cactus is likely down to the association people make between these two Mexican icons. As mentioned, tequila is made from agave, specifically Blue Weber Agave.

Myth #2 – All Bottles Contain 100% Agave
Tequila can feature 100% agave, but it doesn’t have to. All a product requires, in order to be called ‘tequila’, is 51% of the good stuff, and the rest of the drink can include sweeteners and additives.

Myth #3 – Tequila is Mexico’s National Spirit
While tequila is the most-sold Mexican spirit, it is surprisingly not the national spirit. That honor goes to another agave drink, Mezcal, and this drink is made using a range of different agave plants. Tequila, on the other hand, can only be made using Blue Weber agave.

Myth #4 – Tequila Affects You in Different Ways Than Other Alcohol
Contrary to what many people say, no scientific evidence proves tequila makes you feel any different than other alcohols of the same strength. In most cases, this myth probably results from how many people drink tequila, downing shots rather than slow-sipping as they would with whiskey or rum.

The answer is down to you regarding which of these two tequila products is better. Our preference is an excellent, premium silver tequila like Avion. This is undoubtedly one of the best tequila on the market, a versatile spirit popular with those who love their tequila.

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