Classic drinks and Modern Tequila Mixology

The classic Margarita tequila cocktail was said to be invented in 1938 by Carlos “Danny” Herrera at a little restaurant called Rancho La Gloria in Tijuana Mexico. Yet another version has it that the drink was the brainchild of an Irishman called Madden who made the drink for a visiting American newspaper editor two years earlier in 1936 at his bar also in Tijuana.

But whatever the case, this the original tequila cocktail has gone on to become one of the most popular cocktails in the world and continues to inspire modern mixologists to create new ways to enjoy tequila. Avión the makers of the worlds smoothest tequila have put together a range of modern tequila cocktails that match whatever mood you’re in and that make those shared moments with others all that more enjoyable.

Take the Elevated Margarita, Avión’s modern twist on the original Margarita, with a base of Avión Silver, a little fresh lime juice but instead of orange liqueur agave nectar is used. This result is a Margarita with a perfect balance between sweet and sour that still allows the signature taste of Avión Silver to shine through.


Modern drink jalapeño Paloma cocktail Garnished with jalapeño and lemon.

Probably Mexico’s favourite cocktail the Paloma was created in the 1950’a by Don Javier Delgado Corona in his bar La Capilla Cantina in Tequila. A mix of tequila blanco, lime juice and grapefruit-flavoured soda it’s one for those long hot afternoons that last well into the evening.

And true to the spirit of the original Paloma the folks at Avión have come up with a couple of alternate versions of this time honoured classic, the spicy Jalapeño Paloma and the Blood Orange Paloma which as the name suggests includes the juice of a blood orange makes for a refreshing yet subtler sweeter taste.

In addition to this there’s the Avión Sour, with a base of Avión Reposado it’s hints of cherry, peach and pear it lends itself perfectly to the eclectic mix of orange juice, agave syrup and fresh egg white. Then there’s the Blind Old Fashioned, showcasing the refinement of Avión Reserva Cristalino by simply adding agave syrup and orange bitters. For a slightly peppery and sweet edge there is of course the Ginger Spiced Old Fashioned, built on a base of Avión Reposado with ginger syrup, Agnostura Bitters and orange bitters when you enjoy something traditional yet with an edge.

So spread your wings and fly because at the end of the day you are limited only by your imagination…


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