Tequila Twists on Classic Whiskey, Vodka, and Rum Cocktails: Bloody Mary, Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, And More

What is your favorite way to enjoy Avion tequila? For some, it is a slow-sipping smooth drink over the rocks; others prefer to shake it up in a cocktail — and we love both. Our tequilas have a distinct and smooth flavor profile, perfect for mixing with fruity, sweet, smokey, or dry ingredients. Additionally, their clean finish enhances the taste of any cocktail. Avion cocktails do more than elevate classic tequila drinks. They can also replace whiskey, rum, and vodka, elevating their classic cocktails to new levels.
Head out for a bottle from our Avion range of tequilas, and give a luxury twist to these iconic cocktails.

avion tequila old fashioned cocktail

Avion Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is a 103-year-old, flavor-packed cocktail made using premium vodka and tomato juice, blended with spice and tangy flavors. This drink is a brunch favorite with a flavor profile that is somehow tart, salty, and peppery. If you enjoy a classic Bloody Mary, you will love it when you swap out vodka for tequila. This new and improved tequila drink is fresher than the original, allowing flavors like Tabasco sauce and smoked paprika to shine.

Avion Manhattan

Traditionally, a Manhattan would be made using rye whiskey and sweet vermouth with bitters. The original certainly has cult status, gaining fame as the go-to chic cocktail in swanky New York bars. However, take out that rye whiskey for a genuinely classy Manhattan and add our award-winning Avion 44 Extra Añejo. This barrel-aged, extra añejo tequila boasts caramel and vanilla flavors, plus roasted agave and oak notes. The rich yet sweet flavors perfectly harmonize with chocolate bitters and sweet vermouth. The Manhattan never looked so elegant.

Avion Cosmo

A classic Cosmo’s sweet and delicate flavors are driven by high-quality triple-sec, sweet syrup, and cranberry juice mixed with premium vodka and lime. Beyond those well-balanced flavors, drinkers love the simplicity of the ingredients and love to mix this drink at home. Adding a tequila twist, using Avion’s Silver, the Cosmo becomes much more refreshing and fruity. When changing vodka for tequila silver is the optimal choice. We believe tequila offers a far crisper and fresher finish than the Russian spirit.

Tequila Daiquiri

The traditional Daiquiri recipe combines light rum, sweet brown sugar, citrus juice, and syrup. While this recipe may have variations, these are the main ingredients to make the classic Daiquiri. This is, without doubt, the most famous rum cocktail, with good reason. Rum’s flavor profile is described as fruity and spicy, making it an ideal choice for this kind of cocktail. Why not go one better than the classic Daiquiri and use Avion’s Reposado tequila to compare? We’re confident that the smooth, balanced notes of oak and vanilla will take this traditional drink to new heights.

extra anejo old fashioned

Avion Extra Añejo Old Fashioned

Few of the mixed tequila drinks we have created are more distinguished, stylish, and debonair than our Extra Añejo Old Fashioned. Introducing the Avion Reserva 44 Extra Añejo, instead of top-quality bourbon, offers a new take on this classicl. As this tequila ages, for 43 months in American oak barrels, it takes on a depth of flavor that is incomparable. It is perfect for this cocktail with tones of butterscotch and vanilla on top of that rich oaky foundation. Orange peel and bitters combine flawlessly to deliver a drink that oozes class.

These are some great options if you aren’t sure what to mix with tequila to create a delicious cocktail. Take your time making these drinks, invite friends over to share them with you, and always use the finest Avion tequila products as your base.

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