Fore and Pour: Merging Golf Fashion with Tequila Drink.

Premium Tequila & Golf: Elite Mexico Resorts Guide

Gentlemen, who wants the golfing trip of a lifetime? Few sports in the world ooze the class and sophistication that grabbing 18 holes with your friends does, and we’re here to show you just some of the luxury experiences you could have when you combine golf with travel. Now, gents, how does that sound? What if we also throw into the mix some refined, delicious, premium tequila to relax after the round? Now that is a vacation! Mexico offers some truly spectacular golf courses and resorts where you and your friends can enjoy such an experience. We encourage you to mix a quality tequila drink and look at some luxury golf destinations across the Mexican landscape.

Man playing golf at a resort in Mexico in a golf suit before going to the hotel to pour a tequila drink

The Perfect Fore and Pour Golfing Day

Let us begin by looking at what this luxury day should contain. Consider waking up in a 5-star resort and taking a soothing steam or sauna to relax those muscles ahead of the golfing action. Once you’ve settled into the day, get into your golf gear and enjoy a light breakfast in your room before meeting up with your golf buddies. Beginning your day like this will relax the mind and body and put you in the right mental state to focus on your swing.
Once you have soared through those 18 holes, it is time to head to the clubhouse, relax in luxury and comfort, and unwind with some delicious Avión cocktails.

Sublime Cocktails To Enjoy After 18-Holes

Once golf is done for the day, it is only right to unwind under the Mexican sunshine with its most iconic spirit: tequila. This trip is all about sophistication, so Avión tequila cocktails are the best way. Allow us to whet your appetite with some of our favorites, befitting your all-gents golf tour.

Jesus Maria Mule

Commence the evening with this exciting and fruity Jesus Maria Mule for an authentic taste of Mexico. Blending prickly pear syrup, lime juice, and Avión’s reposado tequila is the perfect libation to begin a classy evening with friends, gazing over the Mexico sunset.

Elevated Margarita

Our Elevated Margarita showcases the nuances and fine quality of Avión Silver, encasing it in a simple yet impeccably flavored cocktail. For those who don’t yet love tequila, silver is the best place to start, and a margarita is the perfect cocktail to enjoy. This elevated version of the iconic cocktail gives an earthy, lime-packed finish that such a vacation deserves.

Clear Cut Martini

Once your tastebuds have become attuned to our tequila cocktails’ rich flavor, it is time to strip things down a little. The Clear Cut Martini swaps out the classic combination of vodka and vermouth, replacing them with Cristalino tequila and Lillet Blanc. The result is a sophisticated, clean, and incredible flavor that allows the tequila’s flavor profile to shine.

Extra Añejo Old Fashioned

During a luxury trip to Mexico, it is only fitting that you can sample differing tequila varieties. With this in mind, our aged extra añejo is a wonderful choice as the evening draws on. With our Old Fashioned, whiskey is replaced with premium, extra añejo to deliver a robust and deep-flavored cocktail. For gents, this is the drink to be seen with, and it tastes as good as it looks in your hand.

Reserva 44 On The Rocks

Finally, before retiring for the night ahead of tomorrow’s round, a classy point can be put on the evening with the simplicity of tequila over rocks. High-quality Reserva 44 extra añejo tequila, enjoyed in all its glory over a large cube of crystal clear ice, will create a spicy, sweet, and leathery glass that will cap off a wonderful day.

Golf resorts in Mexico offering Avion Tequila drinks

Best Luxury Golfing Resorts For Your Mexican Vacation

Right, the plan has been set, the cocktails are in your sights, and you’ve been brushing up your swing; the question is, where to go? Mexico offers outstanding golf resorts for any modern man, with the sun, great courses, and hospitality. Let us explore some of the finest options that you could select from.

Villa del Palmar at The Islands of Loreto

This 5-star exclusive resort offers the optimal place for a luxury golfing trip. The award-winning course is a design masterpiece that showcases the incredible views across Loreto Bay National Park. The resort is spectacular, offering personal service, beautifully designed rooms, and beautiful bars with mixologists waiting to create your favorite tequila cocktail.

The Resort at Diamante

Situated in Cabo San Lucas, this state-of-the-art hotel arcs around its central lagoon, offering stunning views and every amenity the modern man could need. The Dunes Course here was designed by Davis Love III, ensuring a challenging yet pleasurable golf day. After 18 holes, modern men will love the swim-up bar at the lagoon’s edge, where they can enjoy a relaxing Avión tequila and unwind. The Sports Bar inside the clubhouse offers another ideal location to enjoy high-end cuisine and yet more inviting cocktails.


Mayakoba is the ideal solution if you and your fellow gentlemen prefer a more Caribbean feel to your Mexico trip. Set on the shores of the Riviera Maya, there are few better places to ‘fore and pour’ than this. Four hotels are situated in this sprawling complex, and we recommend the Rosewood Residences’ private villas. Here, you can count on a private pool and plunge, on-site beach clubs with cocktail specialists, and spa facilities rated as the best in the country.
The golf course designed by Greg Norman was the first pro course in Latin America. Sweeping through the diverse eco-system here, there are few better courses in Mexico to play a round. As you finish the 18th hole, retire to the Koba Club House for world-class cuisine and carefully made tequila cocktails to round off a perfect day.

Golf resorts in Mexico with Avion tequila

What a True Gent Should Pack In Their Case For Such a Trip

With your high-quality private resort chosen and your sophisticated tequila drink in mind, all you are left to do is select your outfits. Sartorial elegance, blended with appropriate golfwear, is a must here.

Golf Fashion Options

Golf fashion is essential to any modern gent, but function cannot be forgotten. A sophisticated approach to golf course wear should start with a well-fitted polo shirt made from breathable fabrics to ensure comfort as you play. Pair this with tailored golf trousers or shorts if you are concerned about the heat of the Mexican sun. This kind of outfit strikes a balance between functionality and refinement.

Evening Wear

After finishing your round, your evening wear must be on par for the occasion. Given the high temperatures of a Mexican evening, the best outfit would be lightweight and casual while still offering a sense of style. A lightweight linen or cotton shirt in a neutral tone offers breathability and exudes a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. Pairing it with well-fitted lightweight trousers like chinos will ensure a polished appearance without sacrificing comfort.
Loafers or stylish sandals perfectly complement this kind of outfit. Such footwear provides both elegance and ease of movement. Lightweight shirts and trousers and comfortable footwear ensure that you look stylish as you sink those Avión tequila cocktails.

Fore and Pour, Anyone

Now, gentlemen, who is ready for a few days in the sunshine, enjoying some of the finest tequila on the planet and indulging in some of the world’s finest golf courses?

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