Caliente Viejo


2 oz. Avión Añejo
¾ oz. Hot Pepper Infused Agave Nectar
Dashes of Orange Bitters
Garnish With Orange Twist

Mixing Directions

1. Get Spicy

Start by adding 2 full ounces of Avión Añejo, and ¾ ounce of hot pepper infused agave nectar syrup to a mixing glass filled with ice. Finish it off with a dash of orange bitters.

2. Softly Stir

Gently stir the cocktail. You don’t want to break up the spirit or add any chipped ice to it.

3. Strain It Out

Strain your cocktail into a glass filled with ice.

4. Drink Up!

Finish it off with an orange twist. And, there you have it! A variation on the Old Fashioned with a little bit of Mexican flair!