Chipotle Cocoa Margarita


3 Slices of Orange
1 Slice of Lemon
¼ oz. Light Agave
2 oz. Avión Añejo
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
Chipotle Powder
Pearl or Granular Sugar

Mixing Directions

1. Work It Out

In your mixing glass, add 3 orange slices, cut into moon shapes, and one lemon slice to up the acidity. Muddle the fruit to work out all of the natural juices and oils.

2. Sweeten It Up

Add a little bit of agave nectar to bring out the sweetness, and 2 hearty ounces of Avión Añejo. Fill the glass with ice and shake.

3. Sugar and Spice

To create the rim, mix equal parts cocoa and pearl or granular sugar. Then add a tiny bit of chipotle powder. Make sure you don’t over do it with the chipotle powder, or your mouth will be on fire!

4. On the Rocks

Rim the edge of the glass with a lemon and set it down in the chipotle cocoa mixture. Strain your margarita over ice.