1½ oz. Avion Reposado
¾ oz. Aperol
¾ oz. Carpano Antica
Garnish With Thick Cut Orange Twist

Mixing Directions

1. Bittersweet Apertif

Begin with 1½ ounces of Avión Reposado. The tequila’s full flavored sweetness will balance out the bitterness of a traditional apertif.

2. No Citrus, No Shake

Add ¾ ounce each of Aperol and Carpano Antica, and stir. In the absence of juice or other mixers, your cocktail should be stirred to maintain the integrity of the spirits.

3. Do The Twist

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, and garnish with a thick cut orange twist. Squeeze the twist over the drink to release the oils and then drop it right in the cocktail.