Papaya Smash



Slice of Fresh Papaya
¼ oz. Agave Nectar
1 ¼ oz. Avión Añejo
½ oz. Aperol
½ oz. Orange Juice
¾ oz. Fresh Lime Juice
Garnish with Fresh Papaya

Mixing Directions

1. Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest

Add a slice of fresh papaya and agave nectar to your mixing glass. The amount of nectar you add depends on how sweet you like your cocktails, but usually about a teaspoon will do the trick.

2. Do the Twist

Muddle to release the papaya flavor.

3. The Key Ingredients

Add 1¼ ounces of Avión Añejo, ½ ounce each of Aperol and orange juice. Then, top them off with ¾ ounce fresh lime juice.

4. Shake, Shake, Shake

Add ice and give it a good shake.

5. Fresh and Fruity

Strain over ice, and garnish with a fresh slice of papaya.

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