Red Campana Margarita



Seedless Red Bell Pepper Wheel
½ oz. Agave Syrup
¾ oz. Fresh Lime Juice
1 oz. Canton Ginger Liquor
1 ½ oz. Avión Silver
Garnish with Red Bell Pepper Wheel

Mixing Directions

1. Press the Pepper

Place a red bell pepper ring in your mixing glass, and gently press your muddler to the bottom of the glass. Don’t overly muddle. Pressing is enough to release the natural oils and flavors.

2. Pour It All In

Add ½ ounce of Agave Nectar, ¾ ounce of fresh lime juice, 1 ounce of Canton Ginger Liqueur, and finish it off with 2 ounces of Tequila Avión Silver.

3. Combine the Elements

Add ice and shake vigorously.

4. A Red Pepper on Top

Strain into a martini glass or on the rocks, and garnish with a red pepper ring.

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